22 And You

Fighting Veteran And First Responder Suicide

22 and You

Fighting Veteran And First Responder Suicide

“carry the weight”

documentary trailer release

2023 hike route

Start: Parris Island, SC

End: Cincinnati, OH

From November 11 – December 12, 2023, John and his wife Cory will hike from Parris Island, South Carolina to Cincinnati, Ohio. They will hike 22+ miles a day for a total 32 days for a grand total of over 700 miles.

During the hike, John and his team will film for the documentary, “22 and You.” We want to help prevent further suicides. We want to help people who are struggling with depression & post-traumatic stress (PTS), by giving them an opportunity to share their inspiring stories on camera, and celebrating that warrior spirit they have amid their darkness. We hope that when people watch the documentary, they will realize that they are not alone, and find new reasons to live their life to the fullest. Stay tuned and follow along as we produce the documentary…

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